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Die knowledge topics - Die mapping

Time:2013-06-14 11:37:05  site  Views:2402

Each print in the printing process is complete, you have to split it into one of the finished product came out, such as make-up, after the completion of the printing must be separated. When the split is impossible to cut with scissors, we need another version of the one - knife template. Of course, in general printing, it does not do their own die, and only need to draw a good cutter line, then sent to the plant to die by the knife mold factory to produce knife version, and then get back on the beer machine to beer pressure, and then picked off the edge of the paper and neatly stacked can pay the customer.

Die line drawing, is based on the printed version of the complete, in fact it is in a layout containing bleed painted on the lines of the actual size of the finished product up (not fill color), let's begin Die Line drawing:

1, we assume that the finished size of the card is folded 120 x 175mm, after the commencement of that is 250 x 185mm (including bleeding).

2, with the rectangle tool to draw a rectangle with dimensions of 239 x 175mm, select the rectangle and then select the upper left corner of the printed version of the card, press the "C" key vertical alignment, press the "E" key horizontal alignment, the rectangle that is the center of the card. Distance values ​​will be adjusted to fine-tune 0.5mm, just draw a rectangle selected, click the right arrow to move right 0.5mm (as do the rectangle reduction actions, so do not move to the right as 0.5mm, will appear on both sides each of 5.5mm bleeding, but our aim is to the right of 5mm bleeding, while the left is 6mm bleeding). Select the Bezier tool, draw a vertical line height is 175mm, and vertically aligned to the right of the rectangle, adjust the trim value is 120mm, select the vertical line, click the left arrow, the vertical line coming into the right side of the rectangle 120mm, left 119mm, shown in Figure 9. Here the front designated as 120mm, while the back is set to 119mm, because of fear of pressure on the beer after beer inaccurate because registering a positive result back beyond reason, after reduction treatment of 1-2mm, you will not worry for the finished product will There halter (ie, visible from the front of the card face the back of the paper) defects.

3, select the rectangle (solid line border set, expressed the need to cut off), and vertical lines (dotted border is set, which means that not only the indentation cut) and the group as an object, call the "arrangement" in the "distortion" dialog , in the "Location" item to set the vertical value is-185mm, horizontal value is 0, then click the "Apply to another system object" three times on the left of the card shall die lines basically completed; selected four newly created rectangle , in the "distortion" dialog box to set the level of numerical 249mm, vertical entry is set to 0, and then click the "Apply to another system object" that replicate Die Another four lines; the eight cards and previously set pattern positioning of seams and bleed rectangle removed, the results on paper only eight rectangular box.