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Choice of quality assurance and quality die-cutting knife effect

Time:2013-06-14 11:37:59  site  Views:2489

Laser plate-making system is the application of laser and computer technology to process cutting indentation version. This method enables negatives produced stencil manufacturing automation. Operation, as long as the pattern to be die-cut products, cardboard thickness parameter input computer, you can control the bottom plate production system, so that the bottom plate in the desired pattern on the template automatically moves the laser beam. This template has changed the traditional production methods lead empty method or sawing method accuracy is poor, slow, along with repeatability, unable to adapt to the requirements of automated production lines packaging condition. Currently laser die-cutting has been widely used in printing, packaging and decoration industry, products related to the automotive, home appliances, light industry, food, medicine, publicity and other fields.

The advantage of this new process can be summarized as follows:
(1) Laser cutting speed, short cycle. Laser cutting can improve work efficiency several times to ten times. Under normal circumstances, a die-only 1 to 3 hours to complete the programming and cutting tasks.
(2) good quality, high precision. Laser-produced molded version controlled by computer, size precision can be increased by one order of magnitude, the error is ± 0.05mm. Any complex graphics can be processed. For shaped plates, multi-joint plates and a knife in two colors, both non-variegated molded version, using traditional craft production is very difficult, and the accumulation of error is very small laser technology, manufactures very fine.
(3) and good reproducibility. Computer-programmed to store a large number of production, need more blocks of the same molded version, new technology simply call up the system and then cut to the degree, have excellent repeatability, while the traditional process is not possible.
(4) non-toxic, the technical requirements are different for workers.