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Die knowledge topics - quality cutting knife features

Time:2013-06-14 11:36:08  site  Views:2482

A selection of high quality steel: Steel molecular structure, the soft edge of the blade wealthy, by the bend without too much rebound, the molecular structure is still maintained close links.

Two superb retreat carbon surface treatment: the more brittle carbon molecules from the surface of the cutting knife receded, will not bend the blade surface by brittle fracture, which led to the blade fracture. Rather like a layer of soft leather wrapped blade organizations, easier bending.

Three excellent heat treatment: according to customer requirements will be adjusted to different mold section knife hardness and soft easy to bend and adjust the blade to blade tune hard to make it durable.

Four high precision: the higher the precision cutting knife, cutting machine regulator shorter the time, the lower the mechanical wear, the production speed, the cutting effect is better. Especially the self-adhesive label die cutting, precision cutting knife without fundamentally failed.
Five should have more specifications, models for customers to choose: cutting knife should be chosen to have more specifications, models for customers to choose: the choice of cutting knife to choose three principles should be: (1) whether the production long version; (2) The customer requirements are high; (3) cutting the pattern is complicated. Select the most suitable models, specifications of cutting knife is cutting quality assurance of the key.