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Automatic computer machete machine

Time:2013-06-14 11:34:15  site  Views:2554

Today's electronics, printing and packaging industry rapid development, as part of its supporting industries - cutting board (die) processing industry has been a great development. As the market share increases, more and more enterprises and capital into the industry, resulting in the original very profitable die processing industry has entered a difficult situation. However, as the main factor in the price competition in the market, companies in addition to lower production costs, improve production efficiency also in the competition to win an important factor. The computer automatically machete machine as the production of two core die one of the devices on the efficiency and precision die processing plays an important role.

But in the past imported from abroad automatic computer machete machine is not only expensive and difficult to maintain. Computer machete machine-made and can only achieve approximate bending function simple graphics, playing bridge site, sliced ​​and other functions can only be done by hand, low productivity and vulnerability to the operator's skill level limits, resulting in product quality and good wilt missing, to improve quality and production efficiency laser cutter brings difficult problems.

Is the source of the introduction of foreign advanced automatic CNC bending machine mechanical structure, self-developed software, launched the ZY-510 fully automated computer machete machine, which the computer automatically machete machine precision, easy to operate, you can complete the outstanding bending, automatic bridge site, olecranon, automatic sliced​​, etc., machetes forming rate, and low prices, is a truly allows the community of practitioners die used well, with affordable computer automatically machete machine.

As we all know, now die industry price competition, has come to a white-hot stage, laser cutter dropping lower and lower prices, simply focus on price competition, it is no choice. Power to do good work must first sharpen his tools, market competition, both price competition, it is cost, efficiency and quality of the competition - I hope our automated computer machete machine can reduce your factory labor costs, improve product quality and efficiency, so that your business can grow faster!