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Laser cutter template trends

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In recent years, as China's living standard continues to improve, demand for commodities has not only stay in the practical level, the appearance of the packaging of goods also put forward higher requirements, especially for the show, gift bag with more and more critical. Printing and packaging industry thus made rapidly, some regions have introduced foreign co-operative, some companies have introduced a large number of foreign brands flexo gravure printing equipment and machinery, while also introducing a number of international brands cutting machine, such as Switzerland's Bobst , Japan's Asahi iron and other brands.

However, China's packaging industry in the die-processing industry is relatively backward, hand-crafted die-some companies are still applied. Hand cutting version of the quality severely affected by human factors, for demanding die-die-curve or more can not meet the requirements. Now, especially with the application of advanced die-cutting machine, die-increasing demands on high, hand-cutting has been facing difficulties, and laser cutting version of the application is more extensive. Following on to talk about all aspects of laser die-situation.

First, the laser cutting principles
1, the characteristics of the laser has been widely applied to: a High Brightness: The brightness of the laser gas is 108W/cm2ooSr. Through the lens, can produce thousands of degrees in the near focus and even tens of thousands of degrees of heat, almost all of the material can be processed. b high directivity: Laser beam divergence angle is small, this will ensure that gathered to get a very high power density. c high color: monochrome laser output frequency stabilization of Δγ / Δλ can reach 10-1010-13 magnitude. D High coherence: by the light field itself, the spatial distribution characteristics and spectral distribution characteristics of the decision. As the laser having the above characteristics, so that the laser processing has the following valuable characteristics: a non-contact because it is processing, and high-energy laser beam energy and movement speed can be adjusted, so can achieve a variety of processing purposes; b it can variety of metals, non-metallic materials for processing, in particular, can be processed with high hardness, high brittleness, and the melting point of the material.
2, laser cutting mechanism according to their physical and chemical phenomena can be divided into the following forms: vaporization, melt cutting, thermal oxidation melting cutting, controlled fracture cutting, wood cutting is mainly vaporization, mostly melted metal cutting cutting. Laser cutting wood, the beam through a condenser in the wood above the focus, the role of thermal energy in the wood above the wood burning, evaporation into sawdust and ashes; beam with three kilograms of compressed air blowing in the same direction, will burn wood chips evapotranspiration ash blown to achieve the purpose of cutting. Adjusting the laser beam focal length and a certain traveling speed, can form a smooth, straight, uniform kerf bottom. Laser cutting of metal material, with the direction of blowing of oxygen, the oxygen plays combustion, so that combustion can produce higher energy, the metal melt; while in turn the role of the molten slag blowing blown, forming neat, smooth, and the upper and lower uniform kerf. Laser cut wood and metal speed, high precision, graphics accurate.

Second, the characteristics of the laser die-
Laser cutting Edition is designed by the computer (make sure that each box are the same), laser cutting (keeping the lines perpendicular or parallel), the computer automatically machete machete (to ensure accurate place), plate fast. Such as n-degree folio edition (787mm * 536mm) ranked 15 cigarette packets, from the drawing to the cutting can be completed within one hour. And can cut a variety of materials, and, for high precision cutting, but also by pulsed laser die-cutting computer graphics and computer automatic machete machine together, at the same time die-cutting, machine with a machete machete, and fast, and accurate. In addition, the laser and its corresponding die-cutting machine to clear the automatic version of the whole is supporting the production of waste, and accurate, which is handmade can not do. Such as the introduction of the German Limited Quam Laser dedicated software includes various models Bobst die-cutting machine and automatic stripping version information, and Heidelberg, SANWA, MARUMATSU cutting machine and other types of information. With automatic folder gluer, automatic packaging machines more widely used, China's high-precision, high quality laser cutting demand version will be more urgent.

Third, the scope of application of laser die-
Professional production of die-not only for the printing and packaging industry, but also for cutting film, insulation materials, PVC and plastic products and disposable lunch boxes.
Depending on the application materials and cutting industry, laser cutting version can be broadly divided into the following categories: ordinary packing boxes for die-; for special packaging (mainly refers to the cigarette, a barrel) of the mold Cut Edition; cutting plastic electronic products, film, self-adhesive die-; cutting irregular complex graphics (such as three-dimensional or three-dimensional greeting cards Books) boxes of die-cutting and die-decorating products and so on. Cutting different materials, the selection of different blades can play a key role, and extended cutting life. Knife height 5mm-10mm variety of specifications, the knife has 0.45mm-1.42mm thick variety of specifications, knife hardness 340HV-750HV variety of specifications, there are peak blade, short peaks of the points. Select from the knife blade when the thickness, height, hardness, blade several factors to consider.

Fourth, the development direction of the laser die-and prospects
Finishing services have been more and more attention, however, look at the current domestic printing manufacturers are still using hand-made die-is still a lot. However, the development of society to promote people's ideas to constantly update, instead of mechanized artisanal inevitable trend of historical development. Laser die-eventually to become a professional, complete, mechanization, species type diversification. For now, many experts optimistic about the industry, there are several domestic joint venture recently introduced a Japanese production of laser machines and ancillary equipment for the production of laser cutting version. Although China's printing and packaging industry for laser die-just be aware, but the laser die-have from scratch, as the rising sun, in the rise of China.