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Innovation is the key, the skyworth quality favored

Time:2013-06-14 11:30:16  site  Views:2411

Survey, quality, reputation, service these are the main factor in consumer choice of products, where quality is most important to most people. Good quality, good quality appliances is that everyone wants. Just past 2012, Skyworth TV sales continue to lead in the industry, the national sales reached 8.1 million units, the products are exported to overseas. This achievement is inseparable from Skyworth TV of excellent quality.

Quality is the root of all products
Any industry, the market is dominated those quality assurance business. If the quality of a company's products reach the market requirements, can not meet consumer demand, it is destined to be eliminated by the market. Skyworth always improve market quality management as the core competitiveness of the key factors in the production and vigorously promote the "talk quality, create efficiency, re-improve" the quality of enterprise strategy, the depth of excavation workers potential to enhance the quality for the purpose, and constantly optimize the process control, improve product quality, each product before shipment to go through the multi-channel program testing to ensure products into the market without a problem.

Innovation is the source of power quality
In order to instill this philosophy to every employee, Skyworth has established a special leading group for quality management activities, closely around the "total quality management, and vigorously promote the research, production and sales system-wide, full, the whole process of QCC special quality improvement activities." the guiding ideology, "attention to product quality, quality improvement, quality improvement" for the purpose, in the production of extensive, continuous production to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, firmly establish the quality first, safety first production concept. Skyworth has produced hundreds of millions of TTV no ​​problem with security responsibilities, which also hit the television industry a miracle.