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The use of laser cutter machete

Time:2013-06-14 11:28:15  site  Views:2297

Old mold adjustment: Basically the old mold tip blade mounted on the machine aligned and on it. If the size of the tip of the mold of varying thickness, clamping force plane component and uneven, force plane to the tip of varying sizes, plane bending, the overall straightness inconsistent grinding must be reworked.

New mold inspection generally simplify and principal detected as three:
Part 1: The mold flat on a flat surface, detecting whether the plane bending, bending 0.2mm ~ 0.3mm generally not a big problem, and put the folder on the machine can come, detection methods is a hand hold or tap it end segment of the mold, this observation there is no action, moving to bend; detection method 2 gently rotating mold, bending will rotate. Both methods detect mold on both sides, with a feeler better detection.
Part 2: Detection of high mold, the mold with a vernier caliper force plane to tip size, tolerance 0.03mm.
Section 3: Lump sum mold inspection mold mounted on the machine's blade straightness are consistent method is to touch the two mold edge joints of the two bevel and tip, feelings are flush, and then try folding a Zhang Tong long View two mold plate joints premises folded position if there is stamping and folding out of the angle and straightness. These are the bending machine mold inspection and testing methods.

Lower mold inspection and testing:
Section 1: 1, 2 and the upper mold testing the same, but bent lower die to die, the machine can not be corrected
Section 2: Square detect whether four vertical plane, with the foot angle detection angle V-groove, V-groove edges and the center of the notch size on the request does not matter no special test, after all, there is not much error in production maximum ± 0.15mm.