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Operating techniques used laser cutter

Time:2013-06-14 11:27:01  site  Views:2485

Operating techniques used laser cutter

Increasing use of mechanized laser cutter, so his operating techniques which we now have to master, but now many industries are different, using a laser cutter is different, the size of the power is different, use cutting board is different, and even some action is different, so we began to study the use of technology laser cutter operation.

Many people have asked us Ningbo laser cutter Which is good, but also the production and manufacture of Ningbo Dieboard one of the largest base their research for the laser cutter and manufacturing have to spend time in history, so their products has led China's laser cutter industry, we first use the laser cutter that is now the largest industry printing and packaging industry talking about it. Laser die cutting machine used for this industry has reached a universal, so we use the operator must strictly control the use, must be ready for operation precautions, not to mechanical damage, but also to improve product processing manufacturing, as technology continues to progress in 2011 commenced the laser cutter has been almost fully automated use and operation, and without human intervention, so the operation is not the master, but the computer's operating personnel but not less, which requires the operator must master a good course of action and the steps, if any one of the middle part of a problem can lead to damage to the laser cutter products, because during the operation are in accordance with previously designed graphics for cutting, if the product will be a little bit biased processing is broken.

First, if we operate the laser cutter time must be a clear understanding of the processing model, the models are designed in accordance with before, so be sure to check before cutting a good figure, and then put the cutting board when checking the laser cutter good and then designed before cutting, regardless of the size or complexity of the graphics level, there are certain operational techniques in mastering this technique before to do some learning to use laser cutter.