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Category: Laser cutting machine
Brand: Jialuolaser
Model: JLG-1280-F
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Product Details

JLG-1280-F performance parameters and technical indicators

Laser power


Laser type

 co2 laser tube

Light path

Flight path (table did not move, laser head move)

Drive style

Import steel belt transmission

Applicable process material

6-9-12 mm board, PVC plastic board, acrylic, fabric, leather and other non-metal materials

Laser power

Maximum output power 130 w

Working area

  900*600mm   ,    1200*800mm

Cutting speed

0-3000 - mm/min software Settings (18 mm board: 450 mm/min)

 Operation control

LCD  , EN&Chinese operation menu

Transmission port

DXF/PLTUSB connection, off-line operation, equip with high stored

Command system

International standard: compatible with the CDR, CAD and other software

Control software


Jialuolaser cutting&Engrave control system( EN&Chinese version)

Cutting accuracy



Rep-site accuracy


Cooling water degrees


Surrounding degrees

5℃-   35℃

 Cooling water

Pure water

Supply Power

Single 220 v ± 5%  50HZ 10A

Protection gas

Dry and oil free air

Relative humidity



1,Flight path (table did not move, laser head move)

2,Double directions transmission by the imported accurate ball screw shafts(more accurate),the dieboard's tolerance is ±0.05mm.

3,The laser beam will be vertical and even; cutting one meter cost about 2 minutes,cutting one die-board of 8 normal boxes only need half an hour

4, Save power and cost less,single phase 220 voltage,use power about 3KW/H(400W power);700W power machine use power about 10 KM.H

5, Can't out of shape and twist out of shape for long time wording;

6,No need subsidiary air for working (300W power type) 700W power type uses the air about RMB2000/Y

7, When you start the machine ,you can use the machine at once,no need wait;

8,Easy focus and operation,you can operate it soon after simple training