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Jialuo's  mission:

 to become the global supplier of dieboard making machine!

Jialuo's strategic goals:

1,  Developing high quality Dieboard and other new types of dieboard

2,  Design and develop  high-power laser cutting machine

3,  Design and develop of a full automatic, semi-automatic, manual molding equipment

4,  Establish of training schools (center)

5, open up overseas market

Jialuo's operations:

♦ Return --- good business profitability

♦ Healthy development  --- good corporate management

♦ Joyful work --- good corporate culture

♦ century enterprise --- good business team

Jialuo's values:

Jialuo's business is to use science and technology to create value hard work and diligence.

All efforts Gaylord employees are sharing the value created by the shareholders, employees, business, clients society.

♦ allow shareholders return on investment.

♦ allow employees An Juli industry.

♦ Let healthy development of enterprises

♦ to social harmony and progress

Jialuo's universal love spirit:

Love country, love family, love company, love yourself!

Jialuo's philosophy:

♦ Safety management - law-abiding, healthy, happy, sound investment, self-development;

♦ team management - cast learning team, training elite individual, team-based, personal supplemented;

♦ integrity management - to increase the transparency of management and operation, honest, internal treat employees and external facts;

♦ details of the operation - to enhance the details of management, improve the basic management, with attentive service and fine and practical products to win;

♦ Technology Management - technical personnel, technical products, technical-sales technical service, avoiding high commission, high-cost sales, technical technical win.