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Laser cutter as well as solutions to common problems

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Laser cutter as well as solutions to common problems

Laser cutter in use for some time will find that after using effortless as before, but still feel some of the problems caused laser cutter does not work properly, so the laser cutter maintenance and repair are also very important, the first is most likely to occur from begin to resolve the problems, high reliability laser cutter to some extent also enhanced laser cutter above problems, but in recent years using laser cutter problems have become less and less, but the laser cutter's no light also led elimination of many laser cutter, so if this problem, our solution is also very important, first check whether the water normally shun change, if it is to protect the water so it is easy to repair broken up, and then try the water table of about , Then plant the power cord, power cord if there is a problem, laser cutter is in operation and a large current account for, so if there is a power line or power cord broken aging issues to timely repair, laser power supply inside the sound, the power connector is generally poor contact, re-soldering or connection, then the power inside of the dust blowing about.

Laser cutter appeared random walk, or pause phenomenon, this problem is the use of laser cutter in the interior above, are generally due to static electricity or some control card there is a problem caused by interference, laser cutter advises clients in the cabinet and laser power shell above the street a reliable bottom line, this is to prevent electrostatic damage to the laser cutter, Then check some tractor card in the studio questions, suggestions, unplug the usb cable to connect the computer to avoid infection can cause downtime, etc. and so on, there is a problem is the most serious problem laser cutter, is the emergence of pattern size is not accurate, it is mainly the software does not regulate the resulting file, the workbench pulse equivalent, the general movement is controlled, and if the software no adjustment is good most likely lead to the mechanical operation or there is no line laser die irregular figure and so on.