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Using laser cutter problems in

Time:2013-06-14 11:18:33  site  Views:1646

We use the laser cutter problems in

often when using a laser knife mold problems, and most of the problems are due to laser cutter causes and man-made reasons, so how to solve problems laser cutter is very important, which is also related to the development of our laser die after the.

beginning to use machetes laser cutter, laser cutter began to become a mainstream product, the most important thing he can cut a lot of complex graphics, and even some of the many complex pattern, which is put into use before we die can not be completed , but recently it was found in a lot of cutting problems, the first is laser die cutting cut above the material has not been opened, but was cut off from below, this problem persists for a long time, we have access to a lot of information found that 3 reasons:
1, the knife blade is blunt
2, the upper material softness and flexibility too much difference with the underlying material
3, plate above the debris, clean up before.

And with the
2011 changes in the market, prices have begun a laser cutter, and the magnitude of price increases at two points, which for some large enterprises is a bad thing, because the more the development of laser cutter and more and more, if the price of the product has jumped directly affect the use of the laser cutter.