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Gaylord Laser Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen is the predecessor of China's reform and opening up in 1979, the first joint venture, the printing industry nationwide is the first joint venture --- Carnival Printed in 1994 formed a joint venture with Hong Kong-China Dieboard first joint venture with a registered capital of 9,000,000 yuan, a total investment of 20 million yuan. After ten years of development the company from the early introduction of a full set of German equipment and technology, independent research and molding equipment, laser scale enterprises, specialized in laser technology application and development. Xi Luo Laser and laser cutting machine manufacturers worldwide German Lasercomb, Laser occur rofin-sinar cry German manufacturers have 15 years of friendship and cooperation, and Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication as the basis, independently developed the world's leading printing technology and laser technology Support. Poly fifteen years refining production applications rich practical experience, independently developed a series of laser processing equipment, and then by the actual production and processing base of strict inspection and constantly improve, and ultimately the formation of "Quam laser" brand laser cutting board manufacturing equipment series of products: laser die cutting machine, laser plotters, laser proofer, the computer automatically machete cutting board production machines and other related equipment. We can provide the whole plant die production equipment and auxiliary materials, production training, and quality service and we have a production base of high-quality die. Laser die cutting machine in the domestic market share ranked first and has been sold worldwide.  Gaylord laser full attention to "the combination of theory and practice" at the same time, adhere to the "quality first, users first" is always the customer's needs first, in order to develop a cost-effective laser molding equipment, rooted in its own processing base, cultivate a large number of skilled operators, installers, maintenance personnel, ensure that the user's pre-sale, after-sale technical support. For the interested parties to the low investment, low risk, join venture and for all printing to save money, save time, people build their own laser die board laser equipment shop is our Gaylord business model innovation.  Specialization, chain, network laser processing is the development direction of Gaylord.  Recruitment all passengers, together invent the future is to open our century-old Gaylord laser quest.