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Product Details
Multifunctional automatic machete machine performance parameters ABD-IX
Equipment Type: ABD-IX
Machine Size: 2000 * 830 * 1200 (excluding disc turret)
Machine weight: 400KG
Power: Single phase 220V ± 5% 50HZ 10A
Power consumption: 1.5KW
Supported file formats: DXF, AI
Ambient temperature: 5 degrees -35 degrees
Air source: ≥ 6 kg / square cm in diameter and 8 mm endotracheal
Suitable Blade Material height (Note): 23.8 mm (standard), other specifications Blade Material optional (8-30 mm).
Suitable Knife Thickness (Note): 0.71 mm (standard), other optional specifications (0.45-1.07).
Scimitar outer mold diameter: 28 mm (standard), other optional specifications
Maximum bending angle: 90 degrees
Minimum bending radius: 0.5 mm
Maximum bending radius: 800 mm
Processing characteristics: broken, bridge, olecranon, sliced ​​(customized according Blade Material Specification)
Bridge site Specifications: Width 5.5 mm, height 15.6-18.6 adjustable (standard), other specifications can be set.
Plate holder: Normal disc holder
Note: Special specifications can be customized.
ABD-9 multi-functional automatic machete machine features:
1, using the first bend cut machete mode, so accuracy is guaranteed machete;
2, enabling simultaneous play bridge site, olecranon cut, sliced​​, and scimitar functions, is truly multi-functional automatic bending machine, greatly improving the efficiency machete.
3, the pull-out guide seats, can be quickly replaced olecranon sliced ​​molds used to adapt a variety of tool materials.
4, using the pull-out guide seat, height adjustable to achieve the bridge site, bridge replacement simple.
5, the rapid replacement machete outside mold, mold simplifies replacement machete after adjustment procedures, shortening the time parameter adjustment machetes, knives for different specifications sheet bending effect of greatly improved, so that a variety of machine tool material automatic machining.
6, the perfect support AI file conversion, greatly improve work efficiency, save a lot of drawing time.
7, and efficient multi-tasking, users can handle other side machete machete edge graphics, a substantial increase in the actual utilization machete machine. And the other end bent knife only after treatment compared to other graphic machete machine, machetes efficiency by 2-fold or more.