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Application of laser cutter

Time:2013-06-14 11:24:00  site  Views:4726

(A) the packaging industry status quo
Packaging industry involved in all aspects of people's lives, in our country has a very broad market. With the rapid socio-economic development of the packaging of goods is increasingly being valued by our customers and suppliers. Packaging design and manufacture of quality products from the market competition in an increasingly important role. "Goods bought a leather" has become a necessary condition for product sales, sales in the market has formed a basic consensus. As we all know, all of the products in the packaging process after printing, knife template determines the quality and appearance of the precision overpack quality. Early products to achieve the purpose of packaging, without considering the appearance of the packaging and molding quality of the premise, generally adopt a template for cutting the traditional mechanical wire saw machining gap. This low cost, disposable devices less investment, so now very popular. But its slow processing speed, low precision, complex graphics can not be processed, greatly affecting the die making and follow-up process efficiency, while the finished product error is larger, the quality is not guaranteed. Therefore, European and American countries have largely eliminated this handmade knife mold production methods, all updated as CNC laser cutting equipment. In recent years, with China's accession to the WTO and the development of economic globalization, the domestic market of consumer goods packaging requirements continue to increase, become more sophisticated, personalized and diversification. It is this demand, the laser CNC cutting molding instead of the traditional hand-molding has become an inevitable trend of development.

(B) the manufacture of laser cutter Application
Laser with high brightness, high directivity, high color and high coherence of the four properties. After focusing the laser beam through the availability of high energy density. Currently in the industry has been successfully performed with a laser beam cutting, drilling, welding and surface modification treatment. Wherein the laser cutting is the most widely used methods of processing, which accounts for 70% of the above laser processing. Compared with other methods with high-speed, high precision and high adaptability characteristics. Laser cutting also has slotted thin, small heat affected zone, good quality cutting surface, cutting no noise, easy to implement cutting process control automation and so on. Based on the many features and advantages of the laser, the laser processing of external collaboration has formed a new sunrise industries, has a broad application space and market prospects in the packaging industry has developed rapidly in the eastern region (especially in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta region and the east coast city), has a laser system for nearly 50 production lines, to undertake 80% of the domestic precision tooling business, but the scale is rapidly expanding, according to statistics, these regions of the laser molding production lines supply the growing prevalence of paradox ( most manufacturers are still operating at full capacity every day can not meet the growing needs of customers, most manufacturers have plans to expand the scale). Other Midwest is not much professional laser molding production lines, to be sure, these regional development Dieboard market potential is huge.