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Category: Stripping machine
Brand: Jialuolaser
Model: JQ-701-F
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Scope: Applicable Paper Range: 200g / ㎡ or more cardboard, single / double corrugated paper, double pit pit pasting paper

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Product Details

 Range of applications

             This tripping machine is used only for the printing industry cardboard, corrugated paper scrap removal work
    Applicable Paper Range: 200g / ㎡ cartons、single / double corrugated boards and laminated cartons


      1、 The structure is compact,adopting light hand-held designer,comfortable use;only a little training can easily operate for  workers;

      2、  Easily job,high effectiveness;compare with scrop handing way by hands,the efficiency can be up to 5--10 times:

      3、 Compare with hammer's striking, no injured the products, more less wastes; prompting the post-process effectiveness:

      4、  Adopting air motor,more safety;

      5、The gear-chains use high strength alloy-steel,nice heat-treatment process,high hardness,anti-wear,longer-life

 Technical parameters

        Pressure: 0.63MPa Air Compressor                                                                                  Horsepower: 5.5 HP